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Whimsy and Mischief Intro

Welcome to Whimsical Mischief studio! Your hosts, Whimsy and Mischief, are happy to show you around their humble abode and all the adventures that are to be found here.

First, let us introduce you to Laura and Kevin! They met in a haunted house, fell madly in love and are now the creative minds behind the veils of all that you see here. And, together, they are here to bring you marvelous stories, poems, artwork, sculptures and various wonderful games and products that have been plucked right from your imagination!

Have a look around our galleries, peruse our products or have some fun with Whimsy and Mischief in our Free Stuff section which has all kinds of goodies for the whole family!

But, before you go, come get to know Laura and Kevin below!

About Us