Ghosts Love Candy

Since we are in the midst of our FAVORITE time of year I thought that we’d celebrate the dark season with some of our favorite bits of Halloween art and poetry.  Some of the ones we’ll show here can be found in our gallery and we’ll even show you a few pieces that aren’t.

Every year Kevin does a new Halloween illustration and, for some of them, he writes a fun poem to go with it. We’re starting off with one called Ghosts Love Candy about a young boy named Randy who learns a very important lesson while Trick or Treating.

Ghosts Love Candy

This was one of the first drawings of Randy and his new ghostly friends. After awhile Kevin began to put together some possible drawings for a future children’s poem and art book and so he needed a unified look for them and that gave him just the opportunity to revisit his old pal Randy.

While this drawing above was drawn entirely in the computer, Kevin wanted to go back to basics for the poem and art book and went with pen and ink on tan sketch paper which was slightly enhanced in the computer after the art was completed.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks because you’ll find that Randy will pop up again!

Ghosts Love Candy


There’s something you should know.

And this could come in handy.

Just as it did one Halloween night,

For a Trick or Treater named Randy.

Randy was a ghost this year,

And was feelin’ fine and dandy,

When a haunting voice softly said,

“Do you have some candy?”

Randy turned to see three REAL ghosts

With eyes the color of cotton candy.

“Well do you, my ghostly friend?”

The second ghost asked Randy.

“I’m no ghost,” Randy replied.

“But I sure do have some candy.”

Randy held up his pumpkin basket,

Which was filled to the brim with candy.

The ghosts dove in with a crunch n’ a munch,

And ate all of Randy’s candy.

Randy learned something that Halloween night

Which was not so fine and dandy.

All Hallows ghosts love Halloween most

Because they REALLY love candy.

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